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SK Leading Forward
Core Values


We value the voice of everyone we work with.


Our client connections are invaluable.


Agreement is optional, regard is not.


No one has to be watching for us to do the right thing.


What is life without it?

Work Colleagues

Executive Coaching

Choose Your Own Path

Working with our experienced, trained, professional coaches will bring clarity, alignment and accountability to life and career. We focus on working through ambiguity, to define what success looks like for the individual, positioning them for the WIN. We include strategic tools such as the DiSC Assessment, recommended reads, networking opportunities, strategic planning, and other resources to experience real-time opportunities for the desired outcome. 

Online Learning

Get The Professional Training You Need To Achieve Your  Business Goals . SK Leading Forward offers a variety of training and development courses to aid in your professional development and growth

Computer Software Guidance

Professional Development for Corporations and Organizations

Leadership Development: A series of leadership learning sessions that are designed to promote qualities that develop impactful relationships, enhance professional acumen and maximize productivity, while building team morale.

Career Development - A series of professional learning sessions that position team members and aspiring leaders to gain professional insight while navigating their daily tasks/assignments successfully with purpose.


Communication Strategies

Good communication strategies are vital to the success of an organization. Improving these strategies can strengthen the camaraderie between team members and improve the overall culture of the organization.

In-Person  |  On-Demand  |  Live Training

Navigating Conflict

Conflict isn’t inherently wrong, it just gets a bad wrap. Conflict is inevitable when people’s views or opinions don’t completely align. Since conflict can’t be avoided, it is important to discover ways to productively manage it.

In-Person  |  On-Demand  |  Live Training

Emotional Intelligence

Develop self-awareness that will help to productively navigate the culture of your organization, while bringing value to your team(s).  


Discover how Emotional Intelligence creates a pathway to advancement and credibility, while understanding how it is not the absence of emotions, but the control of them.

In-Person  |  On-Demand  |  Live Training

Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a strength; understanding the backgrounds and experiences of others help build successful organizations that have the ability to expand and make global impact.

In-Person  |  On-Demand  |  Live Training

Shifting Customer Service to Customer Experience

The need for leading, promoting and enhancing a customer focused culture is essential within every organization. This session will help identify ways to establish a correlation between customer service and customer experience excellence and standard operating procedures.

In-Person  |  On-Demand  |  Live Training

Time Management

Learn how to communicate vision, systems and processes to effectively meet organizational goals. This includes effectively delegating, strategic goal setting, and managing multiple priorities.

In-Person  |   Live Training

Effective Presentations

Gaining rapport with an audience is as vital as having a professional presence. These techniques will assist with preparation and reduce nervousness and fear conveying confidence and effectiveness during a presentation.

In-Person  |  On-Demand  |  Live Training

We offer the DiSC assessment to both individuals (who receive coaching services) and group cohorts

The DiSC Model of Assessment equips you to:

  • Better understand yourself and others

  • Recognize the communication needs of individuals and team members

  • Learn tips on how to adapt to others’ behavioral styles

  • Identify ways to work through conflict

In-Person  |  Live Training

Also Offering

  • Team Building

  • Leadership Development

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Lunch and Learns/Microlearning Sessions

  • Focus Group Facilitations

Business Plan

We are an active authorized government contractor with North American Industry Classification in:​​

  • NAICS Code 611430: Professional and Management Development Training

  • NAICS Code 541611: Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

  • NAICS Code 541612: Human Resources Consulting Services

  • NAICS Code 541618: Other Management Consulting Services

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