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Shifting the culture…

We Value Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Our goal is to support organizations that desire to have a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace culture that extends beyond the website.  We collaborate with organizations that understand that DEI is not an event, but a process that requires strategic planning and engagement.

Our training and consulting professionals work to identify biases in organizational cultures and work with leadership to implement processes that bring understanding on every level.  Whether it is the need for a strategic plan, issue-based training, or additional soft skills, we bring subject matter expertise that is intentionally threaded into the fabric of the culture of the organization.

Our partnership is designed to bring a unique perspective to shape the necessary work.  We understand when we work together to provide solutions in re-creating the culture, the byproducts are increased revenue, stabilized retention, celebrated diversity and intentional inclusivity. 


DEI solutions are dependent upon the client’s needs.  There is no one solution that fits all. Therefore, it is imperative to assess and understand the client’s culture, as the goal is to improve employee engagement, welcome diverse communication and present opportunities that will welcome inclusivity. 

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Business Meeting

When the workplace culture is assessed, we are then able to identify patterns and behaviors to evaluate if they align with the organization’s values.  We work to educate and identify prejudices, unconscious biases, and stereotypes to bring first, self-awareness, followed by social awareness and emotional intelligence.  

The following objectives are executed, within a strategic plan to implement:

  • Increased awareness of daily responsibility in diverse and inclusive interactions 

  • Identify strategies to recognize and reduce unconscious bias

  • Intentional Inclusivity

  • Active listening

  • Treat everyone fairly

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