The Power to Change...YOU!

How many times have you said to someone, “That’s just who I am; it’s my personality”? Not as an awareness to get to know you and understand you better, but more of a BEWARE sign! I love personality assessments. I love the way they dig into the characteristics of who you are; what you know and what you don’t want to know, or what you know and just don’t want to deal with. They have a way of giving you access to the intimate parts of your life, then giving you the power to do something with that information. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve facilitated a debriefing of a personality assessment and I hear people argue with the results. 

“That’s not me!” 

“This is wrong!” 

“Where does this stuff come from?!”

And then there are those that are just quiet and take it all in... descriptive word for word, the definition of emotions, what’s needed to be successful, and the setbacks of their identified personality. 

We all have a choice. A decision to choose our behavior. What you don’t like, change. Don’t settle for how you’ve always been, instead, utilize the power within you to be and do better. 

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