Stages of Change – Resistance

In 1903, the president of the Michigan Savings Bank told Henry Ford’s lawyer not to invest in Ford Motor Company, stating, “The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a novelty – a fad.” Talk about resisting change!

Let’s learn more about this stage and why it matters.

Q: What is the resistance stage?

A: Accepting that something is happening but refusing to comply.

Q: Where does it fall in the stages of change?

A: Resistance is the second stage, falling after denial. It precedes exploration and commitment.

Q: How do I know my team or employee is resisting change?

A: When team members or employees resist change, they tend to present behaviors that will demonstrate their frustration or anger towards a particular change. They soon disengage at meetings and become reclusive rather than inclusive.

Q: How can I help my team or employee shorten this stage?

A: Plan for the change. Don’t promise rainbows and unicorns when your industry (like all others) is in a constant state of change. Allow yourself to be as vulnerable as necessary to connect and build rapport. When you are vulnerable and transparent about your fears and concerns regarding change, it makes it more palatable for your team/employees to receive and it builds trust.

How has your team resisted change in the past? Share your experience below.

Next week, we will dig into the exploration stage, where you have accepted a change and begin to explore how you can benefit from it.

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