Stages of Change – Commitment

Over the past three weeks, we’ve discussed denying, resisting, and exploring change. Now it’s time to move forward and commit to the change. Here’s how.

Q: What is the commitment stage?

A: When you decide to take ownership and implement the change, making it a part of your life.

Q: How do I know my team or employee is committing to change?

A: When one is at the commitment stage, behaviors exhibited include better focus, increased energy, re-engagement and recommitment to conversations, meetings, and their colleagues.

Q: How can my team or employee benefit from this stage?

A: They can benefit from this stage by allowing themselves to seize the moment! Keep this stage before them as a picture they are working to complete through each piece of the puzzle. Every single piece is important and valued. Nothing is wasted.

Once you and your team commit to a change, a fresh outlook and new experiences await. Remember this, as well as lessons learned from the denial, resistance and exploration stages, as you enter 2021. They’re the essential groundwork for a successful new year!

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