Loving You: The Power of Self-Care

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

As you sit on the edge of your bed early morning, you pick up your phone and begin to review the week ahead. Management meeting at the office, grocery shopping, parent-teacher conference, an appointment with the accountant for taxes, date night, birthday party for your nephew, funeral for a church member, it is yet another hectic week. You have made time for everything and everyone, but are you taking care of yourself? I’m sure your response would be an overwhelming “Yes!”; however, balancing the stress and distractions of life can be a daunting task. It can become overwhelming, leaving you depleted and has the ability to cause health risks and/or resentment. Self-care is the necessary element for inner peace when you are faced with life’s high demands.

Jessica Michaelson, PsyD, defined self-care as: “the practice of taking care of one’s own physical and emotional needs, with the goals of remaining healthy and resilient.” and “Self-care is essential to our survival.”

Here are a few self-care tips to help you begin your journey and not feel guilty doing it:

1. Take time for yourself daily

During this time, reserve a few minutes of each day solely for you to use however you choose. Slow down and take a moment to breathe and truly enjoy the beauty around you. Unplug from technology.

This can be done by 15 minutes of silence, journaling or reading a book. It is

amazing what you could potentially discover about yourself when you are not

distracted. Enjoy the peace of being still and allow your positive thoughts to

create a pathway to release negative emotions.

2. Pick up a gift for yourself (don’t deprive yourself)

You work hard every day, whether in or outside of the home. Take the opportunity to buy something nice just for you. Big or small, expensive or not, don’t wait for a special occasion or for someone else to give you a gift you so much deserve. Make today the day those leopard print pumps go home with you, simply because you deserve it!

3. Create your space with your favorites

Fill your office, car, and home, with a few of your favorite items to create a positive atmosphere. For example, arrange photos of loved ones on your desk. Allow those memories to take you mentally to your happy place. Create a playlist with up-tempo songs and boost your energy immediately with car karaoke. Lastly get settled at home as you snuggle in your favorite chair, adorned with a robe and fuzzy slippers. Light your favorite scented candle and relax.

You will be limited in your ability to care for others if you do not take the required time to care for yourself. Gift your family, friends and colleagues with the best version of you. Give yourself permission to be a priority. Your journey for a balanced lifestyle through self-care begins today.

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