It’s Expired!

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The other day I was purging my kitchen cabinets and found that some of my non-perishable goods were expired. I was really frustrated when I looked at how much stuff I hadn’t touched in a while and how much money I spent thinking I “needed” it. 🙄

How many things have you held onto saying that one day you may “need” it, and you never touched it again? As a matter of fact, you find yourself wondering if it still has its savor, or if it is as potent as it was when you first purchased it because it is just too much money to even think about throwing away. Yet, as I was purging and gripping, I heard a sweet whisper speak, “Make room”. 

Whatever you are holding on to that’s expired, understand that its time is over, it has lost its savor and potency and it is time to “make room”. I know you thought you needed it when you first got it. I know everyone else had one. I know you thought it was popular at the time, but it’s expired now and it’s time to “make room”. Remember, as long as old stuff hangs around taking up space, there’s no room for the new stuff to inhabit.

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