Is Your Connection Dying?

“Zoomed out.” “Virtual fatigue.” “Screen burnout.”

Sound familiar? These are all phrases we have adopted as our new normal. However, it doesn't mean we have to like it.

Here are five ways to stop your connection from dying:

· Be proactive – If you feel your energy depleting, don't wait. Step away. There is nothing worse than waiting until your gas light comes on to get gas and there is no gas station in sight.

· Shut down/closeout –Because we’re home working and schooling, there is no respect for personal or sacred space. Be intentional and shut it down/close it out. Close the laptop, shut the door, put a cover over the computer and children's desks. Get it out of sight so you don’t feel the “need” to work during off-hours.

· Increase your people skills – Didn't see this one coming? Social distancing does not mean social disconnection. Take time to smile, even behind the mask, and make intentional efforts to do small and kind gestures for those you are in contact with (virtual gift cards, e-books, flower delivery, etc.). Celebrate those least celebrated.

· Take vitamins – Whether it’s B12, multi-vitamins, or Vitamin D, do something for your body. With increased time in front of the screen and mostly sitting, vitamins will provide more strength and energy internally to help you be a force externally.

· Connect with your team and leader – We want to feel normal and like we’re still in the office. Reach out to people to let them know you appreciate them. It will not only increase your people skills, but it will also sharpen your relationship for positive outcomes.

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