I've Discovered Something Amazing... 

As I celebrate another birthday, I must say that personal and professional development has become a part of my DNA. I have always wanted more, but I didn’t realize that in order to sustain more, my core had to be solid and stable enough to hold the weight of it. I have been open to receive not only the good of me, but the not-so-good; places where I’m amazingly awesome, and the places where, well.... you get my drift.

More than anything, I have learned the need for compassion, grace and forgiveness. I teach lessons in the classroom that are not only for the workplace, but they transfer into your personal life as well. The core of who you are must be discovered, claimed and executed in life.

Today, I celebrate not only me, but you! I celebrate that just by taking a few minutes to read this blog, you are making a decision to discover, claim and execute. That you are doing something small to shift the trajectory of your life. Today, allow yourself to magnify the wonderful things in your life and minimize the trivial stuff that has no relevance to your future. Where you are RIGHT NOW, is at the intersection of greatness and mediocrity. The decision YOU make is EVERYTHING; it’s YOURS! Own it and choose wisely.

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