Finding Your Niche

What are you great at doing? Like, REALLY great at?

In business and life, finding your niche – a place or activity that suits your talents – is an added value for success.

It’s a way for you to set yourself apart from others while enjoying what you do and bringing value to your organization.

Here are a few tips to help you discover your niche and leverage its full potential.

  • Find your common denominator – Look back on the activities and jobs you’ve held throughout your life. What is the recurring theme? For example, if you’ve worked in human resources, or staffing and development for most of your career, chances are, you enjoy helping people.

  • Ask your friends and family – No one knows you better than your close friends and family members. What do they see as your strengths, your special skills, your passion?

  • Complete a strength and/or personality assessment – Online assessments (these are not psychological diagnoses) can help you measure your talents and discover what you do best. Consider this as an opportunity to dig deeper into the real you. Just remember to take them in your natural state – the person you are at home and not necessarily at work. Your natural state is where you flow!

  • Embrace what you learn – Take the good with the bad. On this journey, you may discover things you didn’t expect about yourself and that’s okay. They present an opportunity for growth. 

Once you find or refine your niche, cultivate it. Share it with your team during brainstorming meetings or your employer during mid-year or end-of-year evaluations. Engaging in this activity is how you can enhance your life, both personally and professionally. This is where you begin to shine!

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