Estate Planning: An Act of Love

This month, I’m honored to welcome Michele Irby Johnson and her valuable insight on estate planning to the blog.

Michele is a retired veteran, motivational speaker, and trainer, author, certified life coach, and estate planning consultant. And she holds five degrees! Here’s why she says estate planning is “an act of love.”


Estate planning is not an easy conversation to have.

As a retired, disabled veteran who worked in the military Chaplaincy and as a community bereavement liaison for more than 20 years, I have watched families struggle through last-minute planning of services for their loved ones. I’ve witnessed the arguments, the frustration and the discouragement that comes along with being ill-prepared for the inevitable. Guess what? Go Fund Me and other forms of crowdfunding are not proper, respectful or thoughtful planning!

I know firsthand the stress that comes with knowing a loved one has not seriously prepared, as I was forced to plan my father’s final services without proper guidance for his wishes.

Let’s visit the reasons why you need estate planning for yourself and your loved ones.

Reason #1:

Estate planning is personalized and customized! Planning for the inevitable is not a cookie-cutter event. Planning can be done by you for you or by you for a loved one.

Reason #2:

Estate planning is the administratively responsible thing to do that allows you to have all of your important documents drawn up, signed and notarized. It eliminates the frustration of getting them done at the last minute.

Reason #3:

No one knows you better than you! Estate planning provides you the opportunity to put your final wishes on paper. It also eliminates the guesswork for your family members who are left behind and trying to figure everything out on your behalf.

Reason #4:

Estate planning saves time and money. It also allows you to grieve without the unnecessary pressure of trying to pull everything together during your most difficult time.

Reason #5:

Estate Planning is a legacy of love! Planning ahead shows your family you love them enough to be prepared in advance.

Being prepared with estate planning is an act of love! When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Prepare now so you aren’t scrambling to get things in order in the midst of grief.

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