Equal Opportunity

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I recently had a conversation with my youngest daughter about characters on Disney Channel that she witnessed growing up on shows she enjoyed. She observed that some of them advanced and went on to do other things successfully, while the others didn’t. She wondered what was the reason for this great divide. 

I explained to Serenity that one reason could be that all of the people in the cast had equal opportunities, but only some of them took full advantage and maximized it. 

It is so easy to get into the weeds of what everyone else is doing, (or not doing for that matter), so much so that we do nothing with the opportunities given to us. Opportunities are all around but looking at what someone else is doing, or not doing, can cause you to miss them. 

Don’t get stuck begrudgingly despising the place you are currently in; make a conscious decision to do something about it and maximize your knowledge, skills, and gifts!

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