Blaming Is Easier

Has something in your life, workplace or business ever gone wrong...very wrong? Let’s be honest, when you get that call or get into that meeting, it is easier to identify that the problem is someone else other than yourself. I know you don’t like to throw people under the bus 😬, but we find out rather quickly how much grace we have for others when we are under fire.

Taking responsibility not only builds character, but also trust. Strong and healthy relationships are built over time and putting the relationship in danger with blame-shifting is dangerous. Consider the following:

Value the relationship: How important is the relationship where you are placing blame? And remember, how you handle the situation is an indicator to the other person of how you will handle them. 

Be a critical thinker: Once you learn of the problem, immediately try to find a solution, even if it’s just saying, “I’m sorry”. Sometimes there’s just no other way to resolve it. 

Check yourself: Ask yourself what’s in you that doesn’t want to take responsibility. At the core of blame-shifting, is integrity. Be careful of how you compromise it. 

Taking a look in the mirror is always the beginning of any place to begin walking in your best self. Anything less will leave you unfulfilled and alone. People who identify a blame shifter, usually keep their distance from them.  

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